Open for orders FRI 26th April, 8pm AEST
Open for orders FRI 26th April, 8pm AEST

Hanging Tag

Our label tag is worth $0.25 each. DO NOT throw it away!! We’re happy to buy them back from you.

Just a few simple things we require are
🏷 1. We need healthy tag label (no damage, rips, writing, fold lines, etc.)
📝 2. Please let me know your details. When you send the tags back to us please write your name and email on a separate small piece of paper.
✔️ 3. After we count and check the tags I’ll transfer cash back to you via the same payment channel that you ordered our goodies. 😊
⚠️ 4. Please collect the tags until you get enough to post them back us (around 20 pieces or more).
Our store use plastic free packagings. Just put them in the general waste for compost.
More details please feel free to email us
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