About us

Our beautiful clothes are made with love by Nikki. All products designed and handcrafted in Australia.

We use only high quality fabrics such as 100% pure linen, liberty cotton, tweed cotton, hemp, linen-cotton etc. The finishing line is of utmost importance to our brand while the designs are unique, extremely gorgeous and totally suitable for everyday fun!

Our store is separated into two brands:

• SewAmi Clothes was born in 2016. It’s suitable for boys and girls, newborn - 6 years old. For the designs, we focus on a cute and sweet style by using floral prints, lace, embroidery etc. We use linen-cotton, 100% cotton, Japanese lace and liberty cotton fabrics for this brand. The tone is soft and sweet with fully finished details.

- Our clothes are all made to order so please allow 2-4 weeks for order preparation prior to shipping.

- Our bags are ready to ship please allow 2-3 days for order preparation prior to shipping.

Yes. We ship worldwide!

Our products are handmade and some of the fabrics are delicate such as linen and lace. We recommend hand wash or use of a washing bag.


About the maker.

Hi. I’m Nikki (or you can call me Nook as I'm called by close friends and family). I’m a mother of 2 little Aussie-Thai munchkins living in Brisbane, Australia. I have a background in marking and I worked in brand marketing for Singha Beer (the famous beer of Thailand) for many years. I subsequently worked as a freelance marketer, consulting for Thai-US cable TV between Thailand and the USA prior to falling pregnant with my first little sweetheart.

After having kids, my husband and I decided to move back to Australia in the middle of 2015 and so began the beginning of my sewing hobby.

I started to learn sewing and create my own designs, eventually deciding to build Sewami Clothes in November, 2016. My store started growing steadily for a while, however I decided to take a long break to deal with all the challenges that came with moving to a new country. I had a long break for a year until everything settled down and then one day after sewing a dress for my daughter’s friend’s birthday I realised how much I missed it, and that sewing really is my true passion.

So here I am, back doing what I love and no matter what happens I’ll keep doing it as long as I can. Thank you so much everyone who read up until this point and for your love and support in our brand.

I hope you find something you like in our stores and, most importantly, enjoy shopping! 

                                                             With love

                                                             ~ Nikki ~