Open for orders FRI 26th April, 8pm AEST
Open for orders FRI 26th April, 8pm AEST

✿ Bestie Dress • Liberty / London Park Collection ✿


Product measurements :  

Size 2: Waist 49.5 cm, Length 47 cm 

Size 3: Waist 50 cm, Length 50 cm 

Size 4: Waist 51 cm, Length 53.5 cm 

Size 5: Waist 56 cm, Length 59 cm 

Size 6: Waist 58 cm, Length 63 cm  

Size 7: Waist 60 cm, Length 65.5 cm 

Size 8: Waist 62 cm, Length 71 cm 

Size 10: Waist 65 cm, Length 75 cm 

Product features:

Fabrics: 100% light to medium weight woven cotton. Lined boduce with lightweight cotton poplin.

Colour: Multi colours in Liberty London / London Park Collection print

- Generous fit, suitable for layering. We recommend choosing the current sizes or down the sizes for skinny girl. 

- Tie cutout back

- Large size pockets

- Waist elastics for adjustable fits.

- Over knee length


Please note:

- Ready to ship item

- Due to this item being ready to ship unfortunately we CANNOT accept cancellations or any changes to orders (such as size changes).

- There’s a chance some popular items might be oversold. 


Reference body measurements:

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