Open for orders FRI 14th June 8 pm AEST
Open for orders FRI 14th June 8 pm AEST

Smart lady - Brush pink and sage green check

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 Features & Materials:

 - Hand woven natural cotton

- Naturally dye

- Full beige poly-cotton lining

- Zip pockets outside at the back

- 2 small open pockets inside

- Easy open and close via using zip

- PU leather

- Snap button at the sides for adjust sizing


High   26 cm excluded handle

           42 cm included handle 

Wide: 44.5 cm undo side buttons, 36 cm do side buttons

Deep:  14 cm 

Weight: 350 g

Please note:

- Due to each bag being 100% handcrafted and unique, there may be slight variations in colour, texture and sizing.


Care instructions:

- Machine washable (gentle setting - cold water - no soaking)

- Air dried only (no machine drying)

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