Open for orders FRI 14th June 8 pm AEST
Open for orders FRI 14th June 8 pm AEST

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Available in size 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Product measurement :  

Size 2: Chest 58cm, Length 48cm 

Size 3: Chest 60cm, Length 52cm 

Size 4: Chest 62cm, Length 56cm 

Size 5: Chest 66cm, Length 60cm 

Size 6: Chest 68cm, Length 63cm 

Size 7: Chest 72cm, Length 66cm 

Size 8: Chest 76cm, Length 70cm 

Product features:

Fabrics: Light weight Cotton Twill.

Colour: Light blue background with multiple colours.

- Generous fit (Similar size with our Millie Dress).

- Belt loops provided 

- Large side pockets 

- Red button along the back bodice 

- Decorated with blue denim collar, ice blue velvet ribbon and ruffled lace. 

- Over knee length

- Lined upper bodice with light weight premium cotton

☆ The youngest model is Millie. She is close to 2.5yo, 92cm high and 15.5kg weight, wearing Lola dress size 3

☆ Ellie: She is close to 3.5yo, 106cm hight and 16kg weight, wearing Lola dress size 4.

☆ The oldest model is Renee. She is 117cm high and 23kg weight, wearing Lola dress size 6. 

Please note:

- Ready to ship item

- Due to this item is being ready to ship unfortunately we CANNOT accept cancellations or any changes to orders (such as size changes).

- There’s a chance some popular items might be oversold. 


Kid body measurement: