Open for orders FRI 14th June 8 pm AEST
Open for orders FRI 14th June 8 pm AEST

𝐏𝐑𝐄-πŽπ‘πƒπ„π‘ Lydia accessories β€’ Summer plaid

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Product measurements:

Large Tail bow:Β 13.5cm x 18.5cm β˜† $12

Small Tail Bow:Β 9cm x 11.5cm β˜† $9

Pigtail Bow (set of two):Β 6.5cm x 9cm β˜† $9

Large scrunchy: diameter 12.5 cm β˜† $9

Small scrunchy (set of two): diameter 8 cm β˜† $12


Product Details:

Fabrics:Β 100% lightweight cotton twill.

Colour:Β Ice blue and off white plaid.Β 

Please note:

-Β This item is ready to ship in 3-5 daysΒ (not included shipping time).Β 

-Β Due to this item is being ready to ship unfortunately we CANNOT accept cancellations or any changes to orders (such as size changes).

- There’s a chance some popular items might be oversold.Β 


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