Open for orders FRI 26th April, 8pm AEST
Open for orders FRI 26th April, 8pm AEST

Free ✿ Daisy Bows ✿ One bow per item


Product measurements:

Large Tail bow: 13.5cm x 18.5cm ☆ $12

Small Tail Bow: 9cm x 11.5cm ☆ $9

Pigtail Bow: 6.5cm x 9cm ☆ $8


Product features:

Fabrics: 100% Light weight cotton

Colour:  Air Force blue background (blue mixed with hint of green) and white daisy flower with yellow pollen. 

Please Note: This fabric is made using a blocked print technique. The flower prints might not be perfect and each piece might be slightly different. 

Please note:

- Ready to ship item

- Unfortunately we CANNOT accept cancellation or any changes to orders (such as size changes).

- There’s a chance some popular items might be oversold. 


Reference body measurements: